8-Bit Heroes unveil their debut album “Try Blowing In It”!

8-Bit Heroes recently released their debut album “Try Blowing In It”. The latter is indeed available since January 16th.

8-bit heroes

The album will bring back memories of a time before Spotify and Netflix, when the entertainment industry was simple: CDs and Cassettes dominated your music library, pirating movies meant recording over your parent’s wedding tape to get your hands on that sweet, commercial filled copy of Ninja Turtles 2, and Nintendo was the main gaming console keeping your thumbs sore and ruining relationships.

Most of the world moved past that point, to a new, more advanced system of entertainment. One of instant gratification, diverse style, and midi fuelled music. Not these losers. This pop-punk five piece will take you on a trip down memory lane, while uniquely maintaining their own sound and style. It’s like they traveled back to where music went sideways, and said “Well, there’s your problem.”

Hailing from Canada’s rock capital: Kingston, Ontario—guitarists Ira Smith and Matt Clarke, drummer Sean Davey, singer Justin Holland, and bassist Aidan Morris—formed to battle the rising siege of electronic music in the community. Their solution was never reinventing the wheel, but to pump up the flat bike tires on their old BMX. So dust off your Walkman, strap on a visor, and get ready for a Pop-Punk adventure through a neverending party of substance abuse, and toxic relationships.

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