Introducing Mixed Kid Fridays with single “Lindsay White”!

Punk rock and the plastic streets of Los Angeles have brought a new answer to fake conformity. Mixed Kid Fridays will turn your daily frustration into musical ecstasy, and remind you that your life is a book. So, don’t stop reading in the middle of a bad chapter.

Mixed Kid Fridays.jpg

Lindsay White” is the first single taken from the band’s upcoming record “Taking Names”! On this song, the band comments:

We’re musicians. So, what’s normal to us might seem crazy to the common goer. This song is about drugs. It’s not our experiences with drugs in our own systems. Just the associations people make, and the cute names that they give them. We’ve had friends die from addiction. People that we actually hate in the aftermath, because we don’t understand how they could be so stupid But, people that we love so much, we can’t forget. It’s a reminder that substances aren’t ever an answer.

But we run in a circle that calls cocaine: “Lindsay”, (a jerk poke at Lindsay Lohan), “Molly” should be obvious, as should the rest of the names. “Crystal” (Meth) and “Angel”(Dust) are not even allowed into the fake party that we’re singing about. But we took the bridge of the song fully into a drug trip, musically. Dreamy, fading tones. The song isn’t a commentary that tells you to avoid drugs. It’s mostly the last words of a drug addict… Or it’s forgiveness to people who suffer from addiction.

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