Born Lion are back with their single, “Bigger Than Jesus”!

In February last year Sydney-based hard rock band, Born Lion released their sophomore full-length album “Celebrate the Lie”!

born lion

Not being a band that can rest on their laurels for long. These gentlemen of rock got back into a creative space and have nailed it with the new single “Bigger Than Jesus”. This track comes out swinging like King Kong’s nether regions!

About the song, vocalist John Bowker comments:

This song came after a very tough period for the band. I think there was a collective sense of wanting to just get back to having fun and when we got back in the jam room this is what came out.

About the video, he continues:

I put this video together myself. It was a very time consuming process but admittedly I had a lot of fun making it. The clip follows a dude that feels he can improve his situation with some ‘magic’ pills. He soon learns it was all a hoax and the pills were merely a placebo. The final twist is that the whole simulation was really just an 8 bit video game being played by a stoned Jesus. Some inception sh#t right there!

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