Emo rockers Nightwell reveal their video for “Drive”!

Nightwell is a culmination of 5 individuals who set out to write a handful of heartfelt songs to vocalize the hardships we’ve been through.


With lyrics covering heartbreak, anger & depression. We strive to create realistic scenarios that our fans can connect with.

The band has recently released a music video for the single “Drive”! A music video that you guys can indeed discover below.

On this release, vocalist Jason Emsallem comments:

It’s all in the name: ‘Drive.’ It just sets a tone for the entire track of trying to find an escape. It describes the kind of feeling you get when you’ve got a lot on your mind and you’re just trying to get away from it all. Just as in the song, I’m trying to avoid a really important argument that has to happen and it’s something that has been weighing hard on my mind.

The problem is everyone always tries to numb their frustrations. Everyone has their vices to help them deal with difficult times in life, rather than addressing the problem head on. Driving is the distraction, the escape we choose when we physically need to get away from our thoughts and feelings.

The song is about driving with no destination, hopeful for something to change our current circumstances or just that our issues will take care of themselves while we’re on the road. This however, may not lead to best outcome but sometimes all you can do is try to move on, try to go forward, and more simply, just drive.

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