Get to know the pop-punks Arrows In Action with “Chasing Rhymes”!

Reminiscent of early 2000’s Pop Punk, upbeat 90’s Rock, and their choice of Dance Pop grooves from the last 10 years, Arrows In Action‘s music speaks volumes on the adventures and perils of young adulthood, romantic interest, and discovering purpose.

arrows in action

With the release of Arrows In Action’s sophomore EP “Coasting”, the group portrays an emotive, beach/summer aesthetic, colored by witty, cutting, and brutally honest lyrics. But now, you guys can stream the band’s single, “Chasing Rhymes”.

We started writing Chasing Rhymes about a month after we released our EP, Coasting. It took about 6 months to finish. After we released Coasting, We had no real sense of direction for what was next; we wanted to expand our sound but we didn’t know which way to go. This song pointed us in the right direction.

Chasing Rhymes was sort of a self-help mantra for me because it’s about picking yourself up on your worst days, accepting the things you can’t change, and actively working to improve the things you can change, no matter how much you have to fake it before you make it.” – Victor Viramontes-Pattison (Lead Singer)

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