Get to know the German punk rockers Moving the Mess!

It’s been a while since the last time I published an interview on WHTYB, right? Well, no worries. This year, I promise i’ll interview more bands! And I’m starting right now with the German punk rockers Moving the Mess!

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Hello Moving the Mess, thanks for your time! Would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

Hi dear Whtyb readers! MTM was grounded in mid 2017 on the ashes of an old Berlin band called Set It Right. We wanted to take another direction and get rid of this band past. We are quite a multi-culti band being a mixture of Russian, French and German peeps. We recorded our first album in Berlin at Hidden Planet Studio in 8 days and we are really happy about it.

There’s so many punk-rock bands around the world. According to you, what do you think sets your band apart from all the other bands in your genre?

Yeah there is really a lot of punk rock bands around the globe, but they are getting old and doing reunion tour. There are not so many new punk bands that make me shivers those days. My punk rock shirts collection can confirm that, they are fading away and weren’t renewed since a long time!

What sets us apart is the background and the diversity from the musicians in our band. We don’t all really like the same music and it is something that is reflecting our compositions. All those influences got mixed up together and there is no place for compromise when writing songs. We don’t try to revolution the genre but we make what we like and we believe in.

I would say what makes us strong now is that we are living our tunes and you can see this reflecting on stage and in the new songs writing. In the beginning of the band, when we were still searching for our direction, the first concerts were not so honest cause of the songs that do not pleased everyone. And you can feel this on stage. Now that we don’t make any compromise and just make the tune we like, our concerts are amazing, full of energy and passionate.

Your LP “High Wired” was released back in April 2018. For those who haven’t heard it yet, what kind of songs can we expect on this release?

I would say to short answer, that it would be The Bronx meets Monochrome. There are some punk-rocky songs and some down emo tempo song in our album.

The album has ten songs that were written over one and half year. We spent a lot of time arranging and finding the best refrain. If somebody in the band wouldn’t like a voice melody, it would be rewritten until it pleases everyone. We tried to suck out the best of everyone.

Let’s focus on your writing process. How did you approach it, for this new release?

Ah, we had a big discussion about this not so long ago. For the new release, it is Alex the guitarist that wrote all the songs (except the last one Microwave Taste) and the band did the arrangement. I write texts and try to catch the best melodies that hang over our head in the rehearsal room. I do play guitar rarely when I hear a shoegaze melody or math-rock riff (French moon).

Playing in a band is like having an unprotected open relationship with multiple partners. It is hard to manage a bunch of different personalities trying to write the best songs. Especially when everybody like one song but someone. Then it is a fight to make that song perfect for all members.

For the next release, we want a better collaboration between the instruments to get the best out of everyone. I think when someone comes with a song that is finished and don’t want to hear critics or accept changes that makes a shitty song. We have to play more and argue less in our writing process.

It’s always hard to pick one song on a release, but from your personal point of views, which song is your favorite one on this LP, and why?

We have all our favorite song on the album, and it was hard to choose one for the release.

For me it is “Into The Never”. It is a song that had a lot of arrangement work in its writing process and everyone part is great in this song. The text is also very important to me and when the last refrain comes I still have goose bumps singing it.

You are a DIY band. How do you organize the band? Who manages what, within the band?

We manage the band ourselves. Everyone in the band has a responsibility like doing the artwork, sending mails, booking shows, taking care of social shit, renting van, bringing beer to rehearsal, recording pre-prod, sending LPs.

Last but not least, how would you describe each member of the band?

Alex: the head master that writes all songs and good luck to change his mind but it is doable within the right words (or vodka)

Bruno: Lazy singer who needs pressure and deadline to write good stuff.

Gorn: Never seen a drummer that speaks that much. He plays with straight tom’s, that’s why we hired him.

Olvo: The machine. He plays bass like a machine but get confused by the weird accords the guitarists are playing. I think he should learn guitar.

Paul: The kid in the band. Still busy with his study that takes time over his guitar practice (or at least that’s the excuse).

Thanks for your time!

Thanks for yours!