Get to know Grayhunter with their track “Stranger”!

Grayhunter is a punk rock band from NYC. Each song has its own genre wherein the lyrics call the shots.


These tunes come together through a process similar to a Megazord sequence and wield the Power Sword of sound. No matter what your mood, Grayhunter will undoubtedly make you jump and dance while you question how you make life decisions.

Released in November 2018, Grayhunter’s EP “Comeback Kid” is about four different types of rock bottom and finding the strength to rise above them against all odds. Check out now their single “Stranger” below!

On this song, the band comments:

Stranger is not your typical song about love and heartbreak. It’s about hitting an emotional rock bottom but finally realizing that you deserve any and all kinds of love, and being willing and able to power through the inevitable struggles that come with searching for that love. Happiness can be a ‘stranger’ to many, but it’s well worth the journey — even if you have to chase it to the ends of the earth.

Picture by Ben Miller
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