Stations Creations talk about single “Thoughts Like Mountains”!

After being approached by NOFX’s El Hefe for a Cyber-Tracks record deal, starting the band This Legend with ex members of Yellowcard and a couple of U.S. tours, Singer / songwriter Chris Castillo found himself tired and uninspired.

Stations Creations

He decided to leave This Legend and the tour life to write some new music on his own. He teamed up with his old friend and drummer Carlos Sanchez to start a new project called Stations Creations.

In their latest single “Thoughts Like Mountains”, Castillo lyrically revisits his decision to leave the tour life behind while potentially hindering his chances at musical success.

With Lyrics like “The view was pretty but that didn’t last, I got to see countless cities, but sometimes it’s easier to let go, follow your gut, take the right road into the unknown”, Stations Creations’ upcoming EP is sure to be filled with contemplative, honest lyrics coated with catchy hooks and in-your-face guitar lines that would even give the Foo Fighters a run for their money.

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