Introducing After Elmer with ‘Report Cards’ and ‘Afraid To Ask’!

After Elmer was a mistake waiting to happen. For years, the three brothers focussed on their own musical projects, when the latest bandbreak from Jaap (vocals) sparked the idea of working on music with his brother.

After Elmer.jpg

Together with Pieter they worked out some songs and finally drummer Thomas joined the band to complete the ensemble. Now, almost a year later, After Elmer proudly presents their first two songs ‘Report Cards’ and ‘Afraid To Ask’!

These first two songs focus on some of the uncertainties that occur while growing up. ‘Report Cards’ is about doubting the choices you’ve made in the past and on ‘Afraid To Ask’ the band shows it’s frustrations about all the things adolescents are expected to know (and do), while it can all be a lot to handle.

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