Blueanimal talk about their track “Growing Old”!

Blueanimal is a self-produced Orlando, FL band that combine several influences, genres and writing styles in their music to keep their fans always wondering what is coming next.


Their recent album “Hollow Heart” does just that, taking the listener from Rocky Mountain peaks to Sea Level and below. The third track, “Growing Old”, was written by Matt Lube (bass), inspired by the lifelong love his parents have had for one another and their children.

After his daughter Claire remarked how “cute” his 84-year-old parents looked coming out of a show holding hands, the song was penned. Lyrically, it is somewhat of a bright spot on an album otherwise filled with tails of drinking, depression and uncertainty.

It came alive in their rehearsal space in downtown Orlando, with lead singer/guitarist, Luke Elms, giving it a slight punk feel. The song turned into an upbeat anthem about love, life and the importance of lifelong family values; it’s quickly becoming a favorite track off of the band’s second full-length release and proves that the band actually knows how to fill their hollow hearts.

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