Pop punks Nights Like Thieves talk about their track “Red Roses”!

Nights Like Thieves is a melodic, emo, punk, rock band based out of Southern California featuring four musicians with longstanding history in the punk/rock scenes in both Southern California and New Mexico.

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Their sound varies from an upbeat, intricate and melodic vibe to a slower, more rhythmic and emotionally charged pace. The lyrical content is a prevalent factor in what defines the Nights Like Thieves catalogue. Through the combined years of experience of all band members, they function as a well-oiled machine onstage and know how to bring an impressive and engaging live performance.

The band recently presented us their single “Red Roses”, that you guys can indeed stream below! This song is taken from the band’s latest release, “Sophomore Slump The EP”. On this song, the band explains:

The song is left for the listeners own interpretation overall. For when I was writing the lyrics, they came from a place when I felt trapped in a certain situation that I didn’t want to be in anymore, and wanting to move forward with my own ways of doing things to make myself happy.

I felt as I was young again learning the process of making my own decisions and building the courage to make them happen without worrying what others think or feel I should be doing. A song of rebellion I guess you can say. Going against the normal thing expected of you.”

Nights Like Thieves is a band of hard workers. While the drums were tracked by Sean Tolley at clarityrecordings.com, the rest of the tracking, mixing and mastering was done by the guys, in their studio apartment in San Diego. Hands down, Nights Like Thieves!

Picture by @am_pro_images
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