Focus on SMUG’s single “Earworm”!

A musical powder keg three parts power pop, indie rock and pop punk, detonated by wild abandon – SMUG‘s high-octane guitar solos, jubilant hooks and slacker anthems inspire much headbanging, high-kicking, and windmilling.


With inspirations from classic emo and punk artists like Jeff Rosenstock, PUP, Bully and FIDLAR, SMUG continues to redefine the true essence of having fun, and how that translates through catchy, hard-hitting music.

Craig Perno, singer of SMUG, comments on their single “Earworm”:

It’s a song about hearing everything wrong, and not relating to society the way everybody else is. I wrote the song thinking about the inner voice and it’s a play on sanity. Plus it’s a short and fast punk tune which always helps.”

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