Final Stair release epic new single “End of Love”!

Final Stair release epic new single “End of Love”. The brilliant trio around the twins and their visually related blood brother refine their art of writing absolutely contagious rock music.

Final Stair.jpg

Inspirational lyrics are packed in a multi-layered program alternating between melodic harmony and sonic thunderstorms creating its contagious effects.

The song catches its audience with huge dynamics and contrasts. An emotional and intimate sound during verses explosively changes into an epic wall of sound in choruses. The refreshing dynamics of the song lets it stand out from the overly crushed productions in Mainstream Rock. With this pulsating energy the band reaches different generations who are hungry for musical depth, powerful sound and authentic stories.

The latest single “End of Love” is a truly international production. The recording and mixing was done by René Jacobi in Berlin, Germany while the finishing touches were added during mastering in New York. The backing vocals were arranged and recorded in Louisville and the strings arrangement came from Sydney, Australia.

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