Introducing Cliffdiver with single “You Sir, Are Obviously Not A Golfer”!

Bursting into the music scene in 2018, CLIFFDIVER consists of six Indie-Rock specialists combining their talents for the greater good.


With stunning versatility in their amped-up sound that vibrantly expands to include Emo, Pop, Rock, Punk, & more – the advantages of having six competent players all holding their own and unified in their vision led the band to the official release of four highly creative & colorful cuts on their “Small Hours” EP.

Immediately catching attention with fans & critics alike, the momentum & support for CLIFFDIVER grew rapidly, with singles “You Sir, Are Obviously Not A Golfer,” and “Teaching A Narwhal Empathy” bringing many people in to discover the gripping sounds & incredible new songs that the six-piece band created.

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