Cold Lands present their new single, “The Liars Prayer”!

Alexandre MARTORANO began writing his first compositions in 2004. After many band experiences as a teenager, the artist creates COLD LANDS. An atmospheric rock project in which he writes, composes and performs.

Cold Lands.jpg

Rich of many concerts and various musical encounters, COLD LANDS return today to the front of the stage with a single “THE LIARS PRAYER”, as a preview of a new album to be released in 2019.

It is indeed through a music video, directed by Jeff Loch, that the project marks its comeback. A progressive song, mixing catchy sounds and rock riffs, entirely representative of what promises to be the future record.

On this release, Cold Lands comments:

This first single highlights the duality between a hostile outside world, a prey to lies and evil, and an inner world in which sentimental and emotional authenticity subsists. A fight between the inner self and the reflection of the external self. This duality makes us abdicate, one way or another, in the lie, or the abandonment.”

Check out the music video below:

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