Cold Bath reveal their new single, “Common Days”!

Common Days” is Cold Bath‘s first single taken from the Swiss youngsters’ upcoming album “Something Left”.

Cold Bath

On their second album, “Something Left”, Cold Bath offers a delicious trip marked by melancholy that vogues between the harshest noise and the softest sound. The record, like a drifting and vanishing mind, holds ten tracks in plain sonic research. These songs sing the tales of the everyday life and the realities, all so subjective and moving, that compose it – a tribute to our ordinary fight.

“Something Left” is a fine ambiguity about something that’s gone, missing, but that left ashes calling for a rebirth. Nothing disappears, everything changes, and this album deals with this feeling of void when one’s facing reality’s absurdity in this insignificant and briefly transient life.

That way, Cold Bath try to express their music just like they love it: rich and varied. Drawing inspiration from various styles, this second album pave the way for powerful indie-pop tracks (Common Days, Yab-Yum) without forgetting the band’s passionate love for heavy riffs (Bring the Kids), groove, jazz and even, here and there, autotune borrowed from trap (Kairos, Something Left).

The rhythm section, dry and tight, support both guitar’s dissonant and unreasonable fantasies while the voice parades around, cool-headed, pop and torn apart above noise and rhythm.

Valérie Martinez – photography
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