Discover the rockers Traded Youth and their single “We The People”!

Jacksonville, Florida’s Traded Youth is living proof that rock & roll ain’t dead. Nirvana meets George Clinton after being bullied by Courtney Barnett. Noisy indie rock with jagged punk edges.

Traded Youth.jpg

Their infectious, signature sound and explosive live shows have captivated audiences and won fans all across the Southeast. Traded Youth consist of Vocalist / Guitarist / Drummer Myles Joyner, Bassist / Vocalist / Keyboardist Leigh Thompson, and Drummer Andrew Bickford. The three have a natural synergy and thrive as individuals.

We are today focusing on the band’s single “We The People”. On this release, the band comments:

The song is a political one that we wrote about a year ago. We wrote as a reaction to what we saw going on around us with Trump, specifically around the time the new GOP health care plan was being unveiled. We also wanted to address the divisions that we see in our country that we see stemming from the rhetoric of the President and the people he has emboldened. Singer/Guitarist Myles Joyner wrote the lyrics and then collaborated with Bassist Leigh Thompson on the instrumentation.”

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