Focus on Ritzy Park’s single “Spinning Head Of Mine (The Stress Song)”!

Ritzy Park is an alt-rock band based in Berlin, that went from jamming at a party to enthralling their surroundings with their contagious energy on stage.

Ritzy Park.jpg

Their sound is like a blast from the past making its way to the future. Their repertoire varies from passionate, melancholic ballads to forceful, up-beat rock’n’roll anthems.

On the band’s single “Spinning Head Of Mine (The Stress Song)”, Ritzy Park comments:

Spinning Head Of Mine (The Stress Song) starts tame, but eventually whirls into thrilling madness. An explosive rock n’ roll song, structured in a way that gets the listener’s blood pumping. With a touch of irony, the lyrics deal with the issues of the modern day stress that we all know too well. If you’re having a stressful day ahead, we invite you to flip over your desk and sing along at the top of your lungs.”

Photo by Theresa Li
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