Introducing the French artists Joylie and Lise Auvolat!

We’re really happy to introduce you today to two up and coming French artists: Joylie and Lise Auvolat. Both artists are represented by Coming Soon Agency.

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Author / Composer / Performer, JOYLIE, whose real name is Julie, has been in the music business for many years now. While working on her EP “Dirty Laundry” in the studio, a first title stands out and is obvious: “Let It Go”.

JOYLIE and her team therefore make the choice to shoot a music video for this single, in order to present it to the public.

After a first successful EP, titled “ZÉRO LIMITE”, the young singer Lise Auvolat reveals today a new music video. A video for her new single, entitled “CE QUE JE VAUX”. On this release, Lise comments:

This title echoes my past, you know when I started music, people didn’t really help me. I was lowered, harassed… Now that I have the chance to play live, to release records and to be known by the general public, people come back to me. The song, it’s a bit of a revenge, it is probably the most autobiographical track of my young career.”

This article was written in collaboration with Coming Soon Agency.

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