Introducing Lee Taylor with “Lorries, Brush, & Sentiment”!

When the quiet person speaks, people listen. Shying away from fronting a stage-ready full-band outfit since 2001’s The Disposables (Lookout! Records-obsessed teenagers), Lee Taylor has kept it mostly to basement recordings both with friends and solo ever since.

Lee Taylor.jpg

Growing up in front of a four-track recorder has left Lee with 50+ demos playing like a timeline of what was on his record platter at that moment: from Neil Young to the Lemonheads to Green Day to Elvis Costello. He’s always kept one foot in the gutter, recently having played with Boston-based children’s punk collective Sewer Buddies, and having stood in on guitar with his older brother’s former Weasel/Ramones-core outfit, The Prozacs.

SHOT! In the Star with a Heart has Lee finally going for it on his own. 11 hook-driven power-pop punk toe-tappers, written rapid-fire between 2016-2017 in Boston. It was recorded by himself at his Allston rehearsal space. Only “Pacific Coast Love Song,” “Love Rock Magnet Type,” and “Why, Wonder, Worry” are borrowed from that big back-catalogue of demos.

It is a fun collection of tunes with witty lyrics, hooks, and harmonies, filling out concise songs about girls, kleptomania, anxiety, and California through the eyes of a Masshole. SHOT! In the Star with a Heart is available for streaming everywhere!

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