Thieves & Lovers talk about their EP “The World is Sleeping”!

We’ve already featured a few times now the alternative rockers Thieves & Lovers on our website. We’re now back with a brand new interview, focusing on their latest EP, “The World is Sleeping”!

Thieves & Lovers

Hello guys. Hope you’re doing great! Could you please introduce your band to our readers? Thanks so much for the opportunity! Stoner here, I do guitar and vocals in the band. Justin Hackett handled the drums on the record. He’s a killer drummer and an all-around rad guy, very fortunate to have crossed paths. We’re Thieves & Lovers!

How did you put this band together? Thieves & Lovers actually started as a side project. I was the lead guitarist in a band in Los Angeles that was really gaining momentum; we were starting to sell out venues like House of Blues Sunset (RIP) and places like that.

I was coming up with all of these song ideas, but they just didn’t really fit the vibe of that band. I was in school for the recording arts at the time, and one of my final projects was to record an EP.

So I recruited some of my classmates and recorded what would become the self-titled Thieves & Lovers EP. We started playing live and were getting a great response, so I just pushed forward with it. The other band was fizzling out at that point, so the whole thing was kind of a happy accident!

Back in June 2018, you guys have dropped your EP, “The World is Sleeping”. Can you tell us more about it? It’s our 4th release and we’re really happy with how it turned out. We tried to push our sound forward without losing the vibe that we’ve built up over the past few records. It kind of came together in pieces. Some of the songs had been around for a while and were in the live set, some were totally new.

How would you describe your song writing process for this new record? It kind of varied. The intro track “Thieves” was something we messed around with during sound checks and to intro shows, just a really epic song that ebbs and flows. “Long Goodnight” and the title track “The World is Sleeping” had been around for a year or so when we went in to record and we were playing them live. They were written around the time I was moving out of Los Angeles, so they’re both about realizing that a chapter in life is coming to an end.

“Underneath” was a little newer. I wanted to come up with a really driving acoustic song, and Justin really took it to another level with the drums. “Always Winter” came together pretty quickly and started out as just a riff, the verse riff. It’s in ¾, which isn’t really a common time signature for a modern rock song but we loved the groove so we built it up from there.

What about the recording process? Any funny story from the studio? We started tracking drums and laying down the rhythm tracks in late summer of 2017 at this cool little studio outside of Pittsburgh. I was working at a studio outside of Baltimore at the time so that’s where I finished the rest of the tracking.

For the first time ever, we didn’t have any time or budget constraints, which was awesome. It was a really legit studio so I was like a kid in a candy shop – trying out all kinds of different parts for the songs, microphones, preamps, you name it.

The studio where the bulk of the record was recorded was on an old farmstead, and there were a lot of feral cats that lived on the property. I’m talking generations of cats, entire family trees. We started calling it the Pussy Farm!

What do you hope your fans will take from this new EP? This album is definitely a step forward for us. We wanted to keep the songs familiar but also wanted to push ourselves with the songwriting and arrangements. We really just hope people connect with the songs!

Which of the new songs were you most excited for people to hear? Any particular reason? “Always Winter” is probably the song we were most excited for people to hear because it’s the biggest step forward from a songwriting perspective. It’s a little heavier and a little darker, but still vibes with what we’ve been doing.

And to finish… What’s up next for your band? We’re still on the promotional cycle for the record, but things are kind of winding down for the year. Right now we’re lining up our tour schedule for 2019. We are always working on new music though, so it won’t be too long before we release more material!

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