Focus on The New Starts Now’s single “We Had It All”!

Florida born, Chicago made – The New Starts Now delivers a unique take on a sound lovingly rooted in mid-’90s pop-rock.

The New Starts Now

Connecting with an upbeat, soundtrack-ready approach concentrated in melody and hum-worthy hooks. The name is a declaration to exist with purpose as they claim the mindset to Stand for the Broken & Sing for the Voiceless.

Deriving it’s sound from the MTV Generation, a blend of characteristics & influences that range wide on the spectrum seamlessly marries the acoustic presence reminiscent of “Wonderwall” with the driving low end of late 90’s hip hop. Artists such as The Fugees and Tom Petty serve as tentpoles to the foundation which The New Starts Now shines between.

We’re today introducing you to the band’s single “We Had It All”, that you can indeed stream below!

This song was written in 2 parts – the chorus was written thinking of a failed relationship that started so great and then for no reason was thrown away..I wrote the chorus but couldn’t ever settle on a verse. A few years later, I came back to the song ina different place in life and the verse fell into place. The verse is about how people can drift through life half-alive on autopilot.

It’s like one day you wake up and you ask yourself where the last 10 years of your life went. You started out with so much promise, hope and possibility but you realize one day you haven’t done anything you wanted to do and nothing turned out the way you thought it was going to turn out when you were a kid. The opening line is indicative of this when it says “if I took forever and drew it all out this is not what I planned.”

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