Kings and Castles are back with “Daydream”!

Kings and Castles are an indie rock band formed in early 2017 featuring Ross, Matt, Louis and Aiden. The band is based in Hampshire and come from various areas of the county such as Southampton, Gosport and Portsmouth.

Kings and Castles.jpg

They recorded their first single “Love is the Word” at The Old Blacksmiths recording studio in Portsmouth, followed by another fan favourite “Nowhere Left To Hide” weeks later. Both songs were self released on all major platforms and the bands journey began.

We’re today introducing you to the band’s single “Daydream”. And on this release, the band comments:

We all have busy lives, with work, kids and family. Sometimes you need a way to reflect on everything and sometimes escape, the best way to do that is daydream.

The track is about being in a relationship, there are ups and downs, and when you feel like things are at rock bottom you need a happier place to go to, a paradise. Daydream is about where you can go, who you want to be for a minute or two and hit the restart button on life, even for just a moment.

Photo Credit : Rhona Murphy
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