False Heads reveal their video for ‘Help Yourself’!

After just releasing their highly anticipated EP, ‘Less Is Better’, London-based False Heads continue their relentless surge of post-punk madness with a second single.

False Heads.jpg

Next up to step into the limelight is ‘Help Yourself,’ a track that steps in the shoes of its predecessor ‘Yellow,’ with bulky, anthemic choruses, monster riffs and energy overflowing from start to finish.

Offering out another taste of the EP, ‘Help Yourself’ lives up to all expectations with its incredibly beefy guitars, slunk-down grungy verses and anthemic, hands-in-the-air choruses. False Heads have the unique ability to take your head off with explosive, growling force one minute, then return to beautifully harmonious melodies the next.

The impact between verse and chorus adds a level of euphoria that implores you to sing along with the additive vocal hook, one that stays in your head for days on end.

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