The Bare Minimum reveal their EP “Where the Buses Don’t Come”!

The Bare Minimum are a Toronto punk band in the tradition of S.N.F.U, Propagandhi, and Belvedere with SNES inspired riffs and a self-heckling sense of humour.

The Bare Minimum.jpg

Their wide musical range, from thrash ragers to acoustic scream-a-longs, is threaded together by their frantically catchy hooks. Somewhere between irony and nihilism, The Bare Minimum subvert pop songs into meditations on bar culture, boredom, and scene politics.

Where the Buses Don’t Come” is The Bare Minimum’s follow up EP to the 2017 full-length “Sink to the Top”. Ripping through 7 songs in under 15 minutes, “Where the Buses Don’t Come” stands as their rawest and most intense offering.

Where the Buses Won’t Come” was produced by Devon Lougheed (SuperBonBon Sound/Altered By Mom), and recorded at Marquee Sound Studio.

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