Bears In Trees are back with ‘Fly Out To Alaska’!

After a 2017 beyond any of their expectations, Bears In Trees are back with ‘Fly Out To Alaska’.

Bears In Trees.jpg

Inspired in equal parts by 2007 indie film hit Into the Wild and the band’s experience reaching the end of university, the song marks an evolution of the sound the band have been honing since 2015. Since then, they’ve racked up acheivements- playing a 5,000 cap show at ValeFest 2017, hitting 200,000 streams on their breakthrough single ‘Good Rhymes for Bad Times’, and peaking at 15,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Fly Out To Alaska’ proves Bears In Trees aren’t messing around. The ukulele cuts smooth, the guitars bounce around the drum beat, and the power Callum and Iain bring to their vocal dynamic has never been more apparent. What shines through in their delivery is clear; this song hits home.

The song deals with the mid-point between student and adult; the horrible waiting room between where nothing makes sense. However, the band have never been one to let these problems get the better of them.

More than anything, ‘Fly Out To Alaska’ is about getting there; slowly. It’s about getting better, it’s about moving on, it’s about messing up, and it’s about trying your best.

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