Astral Taurus present debut video for “Never Again”!

Fusing 80s melodrama with modern era melancoly, Astral Taurus digs deeper into the matters of life with a unique and powerful music experience.

Astral Taurus

No tedium, no pabulum – but an encouragement to surpass oneself. Te driving force behind the band founded by 25-year-old multi instrumentalist and songwriter André Kretscmar is the essence of catcy but at the same time deep and meaningful lyrics and pulsating, cosmic soundscapes.

You’ll find below Astral Taurus’ debut music video, and new single titled “Never Again”. On this release, André comments:

The inspiration for ‚Never Again‘ came when I went through a difficult time and realised how unaware I was of the fact that I was happy before. The notion that almost everyone lives in this kind of ‚unappreciative‘ way of looking at the current moment made me think about how much is getting lost between people because of that.

For the music video being the first thing that I have directed I decided to go with black & white to concentrate on shapes and general shot composition to underline the song in an what I believed appropriate way. The imagery was inspired by the songs lyrics and themes.

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