Atari Ferrari share details on single “Born In The Wrong Time”!

Atari Ferrari are an independent & self-produced rock band from Spokane, Washington. They came together originally as a one-night-only tribute band, following the death of David Bowie.

Atari Ferrari

They are Matthew Hughes (vocals, guitar, songwriter) known on his own as Automatic Shoes, Robert Shugert (drums) & Eric Woodard (guitar, vocals) both former members of established Spokane rockers, The Camaros, and another Spokane native Scott Schultz (bass, vocals), formerly of the band Mythship.

We’re today introducing you guys to the band’s single “Born In The Wrong Time”. On this release, Matthew comments:

I wanted to write something somewhat political, but also that everyone could agree with. I would hope to bring people together with music instead of divide us further. I wanted and early 70s glam vibe, which is why I wore Marc Bolan’s boots in the video, crossed with a bit of Pretenders”.

Picture by Emily Eliza Photo & Design
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