Focus on Abandoned By Bears’ single “So Far Gone”!

For a band that’s been together since 2012, Abandoned By Bears is just hitting their prime with their new album “Headstorm”, released on August 24th, 2018.

Abandoned By Bears.jpg

Up until this album, ABANDONED BY BEARS has produced all of their own work – from spearheading videos, album production and engineering, coordinating photo shoots, creating merch designs, booking tours, designing posters, scheduling interviews and everything else associated with an international touring artist – all held tightly together as the band lived in scattered parts of Sweden.

While this album does not have one specific message, I really hope the fans will appreciate the lyricism of this album as it is much more planned out than before. I think we got a lot better at English from touring the States these past few years!

Bassist Gustav Eriksson explains the track’s “So Far Gone” meaning:

This is about coming to your senses after you’ve gone down the wrong path in life. Whether it is a major life changing mistake or just a small thing to anger you, ‘So Far Gone’ elaborates on how these circumstances make you feel lost and out of place in your current situation. Visually, we wanted to show an interpretation of the lyrics with the slightly funny side of an 80’s adventure movie.”

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