The BurDocks reveal single “Rockbottom Rad, Suburbia Bad”!

The BurDocks are a Midwest Punk Rock band just trying to impact the punk scene. They recently released a 3 track demo with songs that have a fast pace, high energy, and the classic punk rock angst.

The BurDocks.jpg

Composed of a trio of teenage punks, this band is yet to be signed to any label and is currently making music using D.I.Y. punk roots.

The band is made up with three 16 year old punks. Frontman and Bassist, Wesley (wehwee) Froning, Guitarist, Ryker Trostel, Drums and Backup Vocals, Simon (chimpee) Perkins.

Listen now to the band’s single, “Rockbottom Rad, Suburbia Bad”, below!

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