Signal Versus Noise reveal single “Take It From Me”!

Signal Versus Noise is a pop punk band from from the beautiful Pacific Northwest that originally formed in 2012 as a rock band under the name The Starship Renegade.

Signal Vs

In the summer of 2016, following several national tours and a line-up change, the band decided to change their name to something more suitable to their maturing sound and message.

Over the last year, Signal Versus Noise has been hard at work in the studio, preparing to release their debut album which officially dropped July 13th, 2018. Prior to their album debut they released two singles “Not Holding My Breath” and “Nineteen” which gave fans a long awaited taste of the new direction the band was going and gained them a much larger and more dedicated following very quickly.

The band is now revealing a single titled “Take It From Me”. A single that you guys can indeed discover below!

On this release, the band comments: “This song regards suicide and tries to give hope and encouragement to push forward for those who are in danger of harming themselves. Pop punk, punk and emo music all deal with the struggles and problems of life and this song is a type of expression of how tough the fight can be and the need to trust in others for support when you can’t go it alone.”

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