Triggerlip unveil new track, ‘Talk Tonight’!

TRIGGERLIP are premiering new track, ‘Talk Tonight’ taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Your Dear Life’ due to be released today, via Penultimate Records.


Your Dear Life has an overarching theme of reflection, especially around the highly emotive subject of mental health. I have many people in my life who do or have suffered from mental health issues and the theme naturally made its way into he song writing process for the EP,” says singer Josh Watson.

The band recently signed with emerging record label Penultimate Records who are based out of their hometown Perth, marking the first signing from WA.

My hope is that people who have experienced any of mental health issue, past or present, know they aren’t the only ones and know they can always find the help they need, whether it be through reaching out to peer support networks or other means like professional support,” continues frontman Josh Watson.

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