Lapyear to release ‘Stay Warm/Tired Eyes’ in November!

Hertfordshire (UK) band Lapyear are joining the ranks of Gallows, Marmozets and Milk Teeth by bringing their emo-tinged shoegaze to Venn Records.


November 9th will mark the release of ‘Stay Warm/Tired Eyes’, their follow up to 2018’s hugely successful ‘Comfort Underwater’, the debut EP that was launched with a sold out London show. Despite being friends within the scene for close to ten years, singer/guitarist Chris Burton, guitarist Scott Gear, bass player Gary West and drummer Mat Taylor only decided to play music together after a drunken night out following a Turnover show in late 2016. Since then they’ve been writing songs that bridge the gap between classic UK acts like The Cure, Ride, Slowdive, and modern post-hardcore bands Title Fight, Basement, and Turnover.

Our last release “Comfort Underwater” involved a lot of experimentation with sounds in the studio. With this release, we decided to take a more direct approach to stay true to our live sound and keep everything as stripped back as possible. The result has left us with what we think is our best work to date, and we’re stoked to be putting it out with Venn Records

Venn Records’ Laurent ‘Lags’ Barnard has had his eye on the band for a while. “As soon as I heard the last EP I had to meet the band to find out what their plans were and we’re excited to finally be part of their story.

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