The Rumjacks reveal their “Saints Preserve Us!” video!

2018 is a monumental year for The Rumjacks. The celtic, folk, punk rock band are indeed celebrating their 10th year anniversary. They also have a brand-new album, “Saints Preserve Us!”, coming out October 12th.

The Rumjacks.jpg

The 12-track album is a blistering ball of wild energy that sees the band in peak performance, showing a level of musicianship and songwriting that only 10 years of endless touring and playing together can bring.

First track from the album is the title song, and a brand video clip is available now. The band filmed the video at an old airplane hanger at the Ulster Aviation Society in Northern Ireland.

Frankie describes the song like this:

The song is a great big sweep at how stupid we’re becoming, and my very real fear of what would happen if we were put to some kind of survival test…say if the big magical internet broke down & all the lights went out. It’s terrifying to contemplate! Myself and many of my friends are lucky enough to have been taught well by our Parents & Grandparents before them, a whole wealth of life skills & knowledge. I don’t see that happening today with each passing generation. You wanna see the zombie apocalypse?? Try throwing a few switches & watch it all go to hell…hah!

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