Shyer unveil their new single, “The Only Cure”!

Shyer are a punchy, female-fronted indie pop-punk quartet hailing from Cambridge. The band has recently dropped a single titled “The Only Cure”, that you can indeed hear below!


On this release, Mazz comments:

The Only Cure is an existential sort of song which ruminates on age-old issues like where you thought you’d be at a particular point in life vs where you actually are. What society expects you to want vs what you actually want. Who you thought you’d be vs who you really are. All that philosophical stuff we are always tying ourselves in knots about. It ramps up at the end with the realisation that in devoting so much time trying to figure it all out, you risk actually living it and being in the moment.

We have a slightly unusual way of writing material in that our guitarist Zak will compose the track in its entirety and record it as a demo. He then sends the demos to me (Mazz) which I then listen to, and figure out the lyrics and melody for the track. We then take then circulate each demo to the rest of the band where it gets refined and brought to life in rehearsal.

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