Sigma Falls unveil their single “Tiro”!

Sigma Falls is a 5-piece alternative rock band from Portsmouth, UK. Rocking the 90’s alt vibe, the band’s passion is crafting and performing energetic, riff-driven songs to captivated audiences across the UK. We’re today introducing you to the band’s single “Tiro”.

Sigma Falls.jpg

On this song, the band comments:

In terms of the tracks it’s likley to be the first single off our EP. It’s a song about heading down the wrong path in life and self reflection. Being at a cross roads in your life and realising you need to make a change and also the possible consequences of not making that change – hence “time is running out” – and if you don’t change will you be able to live with the consequences of you actions “forgive – forget – something you’ll never get from me”.

However we are really proud of the track and feel it’s got a frenetic urgent energy to it and can’t wait to get it out there for people to hear. We’re by no means a dark band either – we like creating energetic powerful songs that will hopefully make people think a bit as well!

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