Jack The Envious reveal music video for “Walk in the Dark”!

The emo/punk band Jack The Envious are gearing up to release a new EP called “Bleeding Honesty” this year. They are also debuting the music video for their single “Walk in the Dark”.

Jack The Envious

The track is about chasing your dreams against all challenges and that isn’t just a cliche sentiment for these guys. Founding members Nir and Chuck met while serving in the Israeli army and bonded over their love for music (mostly early 2000’s emo and Linkin Park because what’s one without the other?).

Their dreams of flying away and forming a band got the best of them last year when they made the move to London to pursue music full-time. Saying goodbye to their friends and family, they began heavily touring around the UK playing notable venues such as the O2 Academy, Scala, and The Key Club.

Jack The Envious is completely DIY including videos, booking and production, and the new record “Bleeding Honesty” is no exception. The title reflects their desire to release their most intimate and lyrically honest music to date.

Picture by Jessica Piochon
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