Something United reveal info on their single “Figure It Out”!

Something United is a Seattle based Indie Alt Rock band with an encapsulating raw, but clean cut, energy. We’re today focusing on the band’s single “Figure It Out”, that you can indeed discover below!

Something United.jpg

On this release, the band comments:

The intro music for anime is always so complex with high energy! I wanted to try to capture that same intensity – but with the addition of the Something United flair. I also wanted to make a song that would highlight the whole band. Crazy drums, awesome guitar lead lines, dope riffs and major 7 chords. Lots and lots of maj7 chords! The chord progression for the chorus is one of my favorite parts of the song. Block power chords for days!

The song reflects a journey towards figuring out who you are. The notion of trying to discard the traditional way of thinking and paving your own way. Taking your first step into the craziness of life even with self doubt lurking in the back. The pre-chorus is your conscious trying to convince you that this is all wishful thinking. I really liked the idea of fighting your own demons like having a conversation with your self doubt. Trying to convince your self doubt to make “the leap”.”

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