Introducing Careful Gaze with single “Wolf”!

Formerly known as Hunter Dumped Us Here – Careful Gaze is a loud Indie Rock band based in Minneapolis, MN.

Careful Gaze.jpg

The band has recently unveiled a single titled “Wolf”, that you guys can discover below. On this release, the band comments:

We wrote this song for all of our friends and family that struggle through life while facing mental health issues. “I enjoy everything, and I enjoy the birds I watch.”

Stated by a friend of ours that struggles with chronic mental illness. This was their response when asked a series of questions about their mental health by a doctor that didn’t care, in a flawed healthcare system. Our friend lived alone and only had interaction with other people for a small portion of each day, but they chose to find a way to enjoy their world, despite their loneliness.”

Photo by Abby West Photography.

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