Smokin’ on Planes unveil their single “Parallel Lives”!

Smokin’ on Planes is a melodic, garage rock trio from Washington, DC that’s often compared to The Replacements and Ryan Adams. Songwriter Nick Galasso writes catchy and personal compositions that marry garage-pop and punk.

Smokin' on Planes.jpg

The band has released its debut single “Parallel Lives” on September 14th 2018. On this release, the band comments:

Parallel Lives, our debut single, is about tempering regret for untaken opportunities with the joy of caring less about unimportant things than when we were younger. It’s also a good example of how our songs emphasize melody and hooks. The short vocal phrases in the verses drive toward a catchy chorus that warns against letting regret ruin us. It was recorded by producer and engineer Ben Green in his Ivakota studio in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, DC.

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