Greg Rekus (Canadian punk) announces tour dates for this Fall!

Winnipeg’s GREG REKUS delivers his own unique brand of punk rock-infused folk music guaranteed to shake rafters, move floorboards, and get even the most stoic of concert-goers out of their seats.

Greg Rekus

After a successful European tour, Greg is now ready for a huge tour through Canada and the United States! All dates can be found on the official tour poster.

My past Europe tour was great! I hit a lot of usual places in the UK, France, Italy, Western and Eastern Europe (…). But also did a few new places, like Greece, or places I don’t get to enough like Czech! I also got to tour with some wonderful friends and always reminded how awesome the DIY scene is. The hospitality in Europe was like no other places.

For me, playing live is everything. I mean, I’m very, very proud of my records and every time I hear them, I still can’t quite believe it’s me and stuff. However, playing live is where the extra bit of magic between you and the audience lives. Where it goes from playing songs to becoming an experience for the audience as well as myself. My live show is all about the crowd and they play a huge role which not only makes each show unique for them but myself also.

Playing in other cities, especially places you have never been, is just an extension of this. There have been so many times I’ve played in front of people that not only I don’t know, but I don’t think they really understand English. And somehow virtually, every time, we still connect on some level.

Greg Rekus - Fall Tour 2018 Poster.jpg

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