Introducing Sleepology with single “Opening Act”!

For those who didn’t know them, Sleepology are a 5-piece rock band hailing from Eastern Michigan. We’re today focusing on the band’s single “Opening Act”.


On this release, the band comments:

The song is the first single/video from our upcoming album that we plan to have released by mid October. We plan on officially announcing the title and artwork and all of that and September.

The song was written about kind of both sides of being in a band. How frustrating it can be sometimes like you’re running on a treadmill to get anywhere but also the other side how fun it is and how lucky we have all been in this band to actually have people to play together with for so long. We’ve all known each other for over 15 years and have played in various bands together. Basically just saying about the highs and lows I guess.

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