Introducing The Gullibles with single “She’s Too Young”!

The Gullibles are most often compared to 90’s alternative sounds such as Weezer with hints of classic pop influences of the 50’s and 80’s as well as traditional metal guitar stylings at times.

The Gullibles

The Gullibles had disbanded in high school around 2008, but in 2018, they were inspired to get the ball rolling again with an all new five song ep, “Do You Like Heavy Metal?” mixed by Dan Konopka of Ok Go! and mastered by Joe LaPorta. We’re today introducing you guys to the band’s single “She’s Too Young”, and here’s what the band had to say about this song:

She’s Too Young” – this is the fifth and final track of “Do You Like Heavy Metal” and it was heavily inspired by 50’s American pop… which was also a time when a song about young girls wouldn’t get you in trouble! The second verse includes college imagery to deter any negative feedback on the lyrics and imply that she may be young but she isn’t THAT young. Overall, the song isn’t to be taken very seriously and we just thought the title was catchy. My love for Bombshell though – that is to be taken very seriously.

Picture by CliqkPhotos
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