New Blow reveal their music video for “Invincible”!

Formed in June 2016, the French rockers New Blow compose original songs, sometimes hovering, sometimes rough, which form a musical style that is dynamic but that we can’t classify.

New Blow

After a debut EP titled “Escape The Earth” (June 2017), the band is back since May 13th 2018 with their second release, “Flame”. Listen to the full EP here:!

As a good news never comes alone, the band has also unveiled a music video for “Invincible”. A song indeed taken from the band’s latest EP. On this release, the band comments:

Invincible is above all about hope and tenacity. This song is inspired by people who struggle, without ever giving up, to achieve their dream(s), and whose main driver is the confidence they have in their ability to go further.

Shot by ARTY, a French association of management and promotion of emerging local artists, the music video captures in image and reveals all the energy released by the song and by the 4 members of the band themselves. The same energy, reproduced and amplified live.

Picture by Noémie Danjou
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