Introducing Low Standards, High Fives!

Showcasing their flair for raucous post-punk guitar assaults infused with an inescapable melodic sensibility, Turin (Italy) based rockers Low Standards, High Fives originally formed in 2012.

Low Standards, High Fives.jpg

The band have continually evolved to shape their sound and musical direction. Expanding to a 5 piece in 2015/2016 proved to be a catalyst for creating a formula that would propel their popularity by allowing them to collaborate with Garrett Klahn (Texas is The Reason, Solea) and open stages for the likes of Ratboys, Foxing, Fine Before You Came, Dowsing and many more.

Completing their debut album “Are We Doing The Best We Can?” throughout 2017, Low Standard, High Fives are gearing up to bring their music to a wider universal audience of music fans who like their gritty rock tastes akin to bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate, The Promise Ring, Brand New and The Appleseed Cast.

Listen now to the band’s latest release below!

Picture by Wakeuproad
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