Focus on Second to Safety’s single “White Bucket”!

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Second to Safety is an energetic indie rock 4 piece with a unique style. Featuring guitar riffs galore and an awesome rhythm section to match, the band takes influence from a variety of genres and artists that help shape their unique, dynamic sound.

Second to Safety.jpg

White Bucket” is the first single off of their new EP “FINE”, out since August 14th, 2018.

On this release, Zack comments:

White Bucket is a song about the need to feel like you belong somewhere, specifically in the context of your family. I was raised in a very conservative working class American family and our identity was very tied up in certain political and practical beliefs that made it very hard to express yourself in a lot of ways, especially as a male. When I went to college and studied sociology (among other things) I found out a lot of things that radically changed what I knew to be true about the world, and unfortunately this made me feel very alienated from my family and even like I had betrayed them, despite knowing that that wasn’t true.

White Bucket is a song about reclaiming my childhood to overcome that feeling of betrayal. In a lot of ways it’s very sentimental, just remembering times and places and how important my family was and still is to me. The song’s conclusion is kind of two-fold, it’s about learning to accept love and how to love people even when things change in big ways between you, but the ending, which is meant to be a bit sarcastic, takes a firm stand to say that I do not need to suppress my emotions or what I now believe in order to belong in the family.

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