Tall Waves unveil lead single “Love Of A Lifetime”!

Tall Waves is an American rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, formed in 2018 by two friends and a craigslist ad.

Tall Waves

Combining many elements of indie and alternative, they already have two albums written and are scheduled to begin recording in last August. The DIY band make their own recordings, photos, videos, and design. It’s a labor of love that allows the band to have total creative control and absolute communication.

Their lead single “Love Of A Lifetime” was discussed in group chat for days before ever seeing the light of day. The single paints a bleak picture of the fears of marriage and giving yourself entirely to someone while simultaneously taking of someone else. It’s that honesty that allows the band to dig into the darkness and come back with something to think about.

Reflections on family, war, and death abound as they dig deep into themselves for something that feels real: reflections of of cracks in a mirror from the rust belt. Stream the band’s lead single “Love Of A Lifetime” below!

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