Marcus: the Apex Predator – “What Say You?” (single stream)

Marcus: the Apex Predator have recently dropped their July 2018 release, “The Fury of Almost” — the beats, the rage, the volume, the joy.

Marcus the Apex Predator.jpg

And it’s all in search of a sonic existence in the ethereal space between angular guitar riffs, purposefully thunderous drums, and infiltrating melodic elements that trespass like a squatter in your ear, only to end up your welcome neighbor.

On “The Fury of Almost,” Kevin and Nick set aside what the world expects them to be and amplify what’s left — 3-4 minutes at a time. This album showcases what they do best – the beats, the drive, and the volume – the loss and the gain. M:tAP! throws it all down when the lights go on and the amps light up. Check out the first single, “What Say You?” below!

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