Introducing The Bummers with single “Garbage People”!

The Bummers formed in 2014 and have quickly established a presence in the New Orleans scene with their mixture of post-punk, funk, and metal. The band has recently dropped a single titled “Garbage People”, that you can indeed discover below.

The Bummers.jpg

On this release, the band comments:

Garbage People is about trash men going on strike and everyone having to become accustomed to living their lives surrounded by trash 24/7. People begin using trash for building homes and appliances, and settle into this new life filled with garbage. By the end of the song the strike has never come to an ending and a group of humans, tired of living among garbage on the now toxically over-polluted Earth, set out to find any signs of plant life left on the planet.

This was one of the earliest songs we wrote for the record, “A Very Exciting Life”, along with a song about Mother Nature reclaiming the Earth. Originally we had planned to stick to this idea of potential gloomy futures for mankind for the whole album, and while certain songs went other directions you can definitely hear apocalyptic themes in most of the tracks. We thought Garbage People was the perfect single for an introduction to the tongue-in-cheek dystopian motifs littered throughout the record.

Alternatively, there is an underlying secondary message in a lot of the album’s tracks about turning to self medication and apathy while wrestling with identity issues, questions of sexuality, and anxiety. Garbage People is one of the only tracks from the record that approaches both this message and the overall theme mentioned above.

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