Radicals unveil details on their debut single “Anxiety”!

RADICALS, the Grungy 4 piece from Sydney, Australia have burst out of the scene blazing with their debut single “Anxiety” to raving reviews.


The track tackles mental health head on with very relatable lyrics. A back and forth battle inside the mind of someone dealing with Anxiety. From thinking everything and everyone is against you, to then coming back to reality and telling yourself “Hey, everything’s going to be okay”.

The song is written from an insider’s perspective, and intended to reach out to anyone who struggles with mental health and just be a general reminder that things can and will get better. The song has been described as having “loads of huge riffs and meaty guitars” and “a killer bass line with real raw vocals”, while being compared to “Early Nirvana and fellow Aussies DZ Deathrays”.

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